Young transplant survivor returns to normal, active life


When Ada Fetsko was born on April 25, 2006, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Her mother, Denise Fetsko, had what she recalls as a normal pregnancy and a normal delivery.

However, trouble arose quickly. It happened just as mom and baby were getting ready to be discharged from the hospital.

“Ada turned blue,” Fetsko says. “That’s when we realized she was in distress.”

The situation was dire. The left side of Ada’s heart had not developed properly, and she needed a transplant.

“Right off the bat, they told us she’d possibly need surgery to correct the heart problem. But they decided surgery wouldn’t help, and Ada was put on the transplant list,” Fetsko says.
Weeks of Waiting

Ada was relocated to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh two days after she was born. Then the waiting began. Continue reading