Aunt gives lifesaving liver transplant to toddler

WGRZ |  Stephanie Barnes

BUFFALO, N.Y. - A Buffalo toddler is alive thanks to a lifesaving organ transplant from his aunt.

"He was a healthy little boy, running around, playing and then day, he's yellow and on life support," Janel Little, the toddler's mom, said. "He had 24 hours to live."

Last Thanksgiving, 21-month-old Aiden came down with what seemed like the flu. But each day, he got worse.

When his skin turned yellow, his mom said she knew it was more than the flu.

She took him to Children's Hospital where doctors discovered an infection attacking his liver. His enzyme levels were through the roof.

"They said there was nothing that they could do because they don't specialize in that type of liver specialty so they decided to flight lift him to Mount Sinai Hospital," Janel explained. Continue reading