Cowboy to get life-saving kidney


RYAN DORGAN / NEWS&GUIDE.Stevan Davis and his wife, Karin, right, and his donor, Monica McNamee, on Monday at his home in East Jackson. Davis was diagnosed 10 years ago with a genetic disorder known as polycystic kidney disease. He will undergo kidney transplant surgery with McNamee on Feb. 21 in Salt Lake City.

Family friend goes through lengthy testing to save Stevan Davis.

Karin Davis knew something was wrong the minute she read her husband’s blood pressure.

Stevan Davis isn’t exactly a stranger to doctor’s offices — he has broken several bones, had surgery on his wrist and has a steel rod in one of his legs. He spent a lot of his life on the back of rough stock or behind the wheel of a demolition derby vehicle, putting his body through the wringer. But trips to the hospital were always visits of necessity, not wellness checks.

The only reason he even let his wife strap the blood pressure cuff on his arm was because she’d been doing readings on his parents while they were visiting. She wanted to look at his numbers, and he figured why not.

“It must have been like 240 over 120,” Karin Davis said. “It was really, really, alarmingly high.”

A “normal” blood pressure reads less than 120 over less than 80, according to the American Heart Association. Something as high as what Karin Davis measured for her husband constitutes a “hypertensive crisis.” Continue reading