Family affected by organ transplant looks to spread awareness

KPLC TV | Kayla Courvell

SOUTHWEST LOUISIANA (KPLC) - Most of us check the organ donor box on our driver's licenses. Then, we usually don't think of it again.

For some, that check mark is saving lives.

“It’s a tragedy that puts us in this situation and people are waiting on a list - a long list," said Danette McManus.

That list is an organ transplant list - 118,000 people are on it and 22 of them die every day, awaiting a new organ.

Adele Tilley was a child when her father’s health began declining due to diabetes.

“He’d come home from work and pretty much go to sleep," Tilley said.

In 2006, Dane Tilley needed a kidney transplant. Organ transplants were not new to the Tilley family.

Adele’s aunt had a lung transplant and her cousin had a double cornea transplant, and when it seemed like Dane may never get the kidney he needed, his sister stepped forward. Continue reading