Legacy of Mark Park to live on forever after making the ultimate sacrifice

CHRONICLE LIVE UK | Kieran Southerland

Organ donor Mark, from West Denton, Newcastle, died in a car crash on Scotswood Road in January

Tragic Mark Park will live on forever after he made the ultimate sacrifice - to donate his heart.

The popular 25-year-old died after the red Ford Fiesta he was in crashed into a parked car on Scotswood Road in Newcastle .

But selfless Mark, from West Denton , had registered as an organ donor in the hope of someday being able to help somebody.

And now his heartbroken mum Lesley has revealed his heart has already been used to give someone a second chance at life.

She said: “I remember having a conversation in 2014 where Mark told me he wanted to be a donor.

“After the accident we were in the hospital and the nurses told me Mark had renewed his donor card last year. It was a surreal moment. I am so proud of him. It’s difficult but he has done something absolutely wonderful.

“It’s never something you expect to happen to your child but he is living on in someone else. We have been told his heart has gone to another young man. Continue reading