25-Year Old Son Donates One of His Kidneys and Saves His Mom’s Life — Now He Wants To Save Others Too!


Queens Village, NY — Back in 2013, Anthony Brown of Queens Village, New York, donated one of his kidneys to his mom, Rita Brown, and it literally saved her life. She had been diagnosed with kidney disease and initially the onset was slow, but then she took a turn for the worse. She needed dialysis, and the risk of death became very high.

But on World Kidney Day, their transplant surgery was a success, and the inspiring story made headlines. In fact, their story is so inspiring that it was covered in on NY Med, an 8-part ABC series that follows patients at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Newark University Hospital. It aired back in 2014, and the show followed Rita and her family through her medical procedures at New York Presbyterian Hospital last year, as well as an anniversary checkup this past March.

“My first thought when I was asked to do the show was heck-to-the-no. I don’t want people knowing my personal business,” Brown said. Her son helped sway her decision. “My son said, ‘Well mom if you had known maybe you wouldn’t have been here.'” Continue reading