A perfect match: Indiana man finds kidney donor in unexpected way

WISH TV | Jessica Smith

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More than 1,000 people in Indiana are waiting on a kidney donation.

This month one Central Indiana man received the life-saving kidney he needed. He only had to wait a few months for the surgery, but finding his donor was years in the making.

Last year, after a battle with kidney disease, Tim Foster found out he needed a new kidney.

“When the doctor came in and said ‘you are in kidney failure’ I was kind of devastated. Just in shock — you know. What do you mean kidney failure?” said Foster.

Foster said hundreds of people volunteered to be tested, but his son turned out to be the perfect match.

“He’s sacrificed for 25 years for me, so when I had this opportunity I knew this was my time to give back,” said Jared Foster, Tim’s son.

Though Jared was eager to help, Tim never expected his son to be the perfect donor. Continue reading