Alaska Airlines flight attendant finds an unlikely kidney donor


(ABC News) -- Jenny Stansel, an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, has battled chronic kidney disease for the last 15 years, but things took a turn for the worse last March when she became ill on a flight.

"I had to take a passenger's seat on my last flight," Stansel, 38, said in an interview with ABC News on Friday. "I knew something was very wrong, but I thought that maybe I had been working too much and overdoing it like I always do."

She soon learned that her disease had progressed and her kidneys were functioning at just 6 percent of their capacity.

Her doctors ordered her to immediately began dialysis, an intensive treatment for end-stage kidney failure. Her only way off dialysis was to find a kidney donor.

Stansel created a Facebook page "Keep Jennie Kickin’ with JoDiva the Kidney" and sent out a company-wide email to see if anyone would be interested in helping her. Continue reading