Call to help Musselburgh family make memories as young daughter Lexi Nicolson waits for multi-organ transplant


Lexi with mum Naomi, dad Jamie and sister Maya
A FUNDRAISING campaign has been launched to help a Musselburgh family make memories as their young daughter waits for a multi-organ transplant.

Four-year-old Lexi Nicolson, who has Ultra Short Bowel Syndrome, has to get all her nutrients via tubes as she cannot absorb them from eating.

While in the womb, Lexi suffered gastroschisis – a birth defect of the abdominal wall – which meant that some of her bowel protruded through a hole in her abdomen.

As a result of this, she was born with just 10 centimetres of bowel.

Her dad Jamie, 26, and mum Naomi, 25, of Eskview Road, gave up work to care for their daughter, who was in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children for three months.

Brave Lexi was then transferred to a children’s hospital in Manchester for surgery to reconstruct her bowel, undergoing six operations to lengthen it over the last few years.

The family spent five months there, living in accommodation run by the Ronald McDonald House charity which provides a “home away from home” for those with children at NHS hospitals. Learn how you can help