Dr. Hetty Chung receives life-saving kidney transplant

Dr. Hetty Chung with her daughter, Isabella, back in October 2016. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Hetty Chung).
For nearly two years, Dr. Hetty Chung of Manhasset waited for a kidney transplant.

She and her daughter, Isabella, would often spend nights praying together. And every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, Chung would need to go on dialysis for four hours.

“She’d always be like ‘what day is it, mommy?’ Chung said of her 4-year-old daughter.

But on March 8, Chung said, she received the “gift of life.”

Mt. Sinai Hospital managed to find a cadaveric kidney match.

“They [the doctors] told me to find a match would be one in a million,” Chung said. “It was mission impossible to find that match.”

Over 150 people were tested as potential donors, but no living donor would be the right match. A high antibody count made finding the right person very difficult. Chung said that she truly believed the result was a “God-driven” one. Continue reading
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