Father of organ donor shares story with Heights Kiwanis Club

The story of John and Margaret Henderson is heart-rending. Intertwined with their grief, however, is a victorious celebration of life from death through an organ donor.

John Henderson, a longtime friend of Kiwanis President David McClure, was the guest speaker at the club’s lunch meeting on Tuesday.

Henderson is the president of a club called TRIO. The Central Texas Chapter of TRIO is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization made up of medical professionals, transplant recipients, donor families and various community members.

TRIO’s mission is to support the transplant community, and that’s done through two ways. First is education about the need and benefits of organ donation and transplantation. The second goal is to provide affordable and temporary housing for Scott & White hospital patients and their families who experience a transplant.

“Margaret and I got involved got shortly after our adult daughter Amy died suddenly about four years ago,” Henderson said. “She became a multiple organ and tissue donor through Scott and White and Southwest Transplant.” Continue reading
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