From Donor to Dasher: Living Kidney Donor Michelle Arnold Gets Ready to Dash


Would you save a life if you could? Mansfield, NJ resident, Michelle Arnold, didn’t hesitate when faced with that question. When her brother-in-law, Russell Wells, was searching for a life-saving, living kidney donor – Michelle immediately stepped up to help.

Michelle, originally from Philadelphia, is one of 16 children. Nearly two decades ago, Michelle’s sister and her husband, Rose and Russell Wells, welcomed Michelle and her son, Jack, into their home. Michelle was a single mother and was grateful for their kindness and support. Russell and Jack formed a close bond during that time that continues to this day, and Michelle credits Russell as being Jack’s first father figure.

Russell has faced multiple health issues in his life, including Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, a heart attack and kidney failure. Michelle said, “He has always been a strong guy who pushed himself to work. He was really close to having to go on dialysis because of his kidney failure and wasn’t able to do a lot of physical activity. He couldn’t walk steps and would get exhausted and out of breath.” Continue reading