How the kindness of an 18-year-old boy when he died has changed this woman's life


Ms Bax on one of her previous climbs

An East Surrey Hospital nurse is set to trek across Sweden in Arctic temperatures after two donated organs from an 18-year-old boy made her diabetes more manageable.

Before having a kidney and pancreas transplant, Danielle Bax had battled typeone diabetes for most of her life and had endured two-and-a-half years of kidney dialysis.

But thanks to the generosity of an 18-year-old boy who passed away, and his family, the mother-of-one was able to receive a double transplant eight years ago.

This relieved her of having to constantly monitor her diabetes and opened up the world of travelling and extreme challenges.

Ms Bax, 52, said: "Ever since then [her transplant] I've tried to do something to live life and acknowledge that now I can do things." Continue reading