Kids Create Video Plea for Sick Mom Who Needs Kidney Transplant

PARENTS | Melissa Willets
We hope this video connects mom Diana Zippay with the live kidney donor she needs to survive.

In a heartbreaking Facebook video, two Pennsylvania kids beg the public to consider being a live kidney donor for their mom, Diana Zippay, who has the rare genetic disease Alport syndrome and may only have months to live.

"I am battling every day for my life," Zippay told local news station WTAE. "For the past...year-and-a-half I have been married to a [dialysis] machine."

In the video, the two young kids hold up a series of signs that ask for help in spreading the word about their mom's desperate need for a new organ. The tearjerker song "Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLachlan plays in the background.

The sweetest part of the video is when the kids hold up a photo of their family sideways, and have no idea until someone off-camera coaxes them to turn it around. It just goes to show how innocent these darling children are, and how sad it is that their mommy is so sick. VIDEO Continue reading
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