Local mom and son celebrate World Kidney Day

WPEC | Lynda Figueredo

BOCA RATON, FL (CBS12) — A touching reunion after a son saves his mother's life by donating his kidney.

Thursday is World Kidney Day and now this family is dedicating themselves to raising awareness about kidney donation.

"It brought me back to life," explains Olga Hervis. "Living in dialysis is existing, not living. You are so restricted."

2 weeks after surgery, Hervis reunited with her son and is finally able to spend time with her grandchildren thanks to her son, JP.

He is also recovering after giving his mother the gift of life by donating his kidney.

"My mom is my hero," said JP. "Kids don't get to pay their parents back. I don't think I've given enough organs to her. It's a real blessing to me. It's an honor to save my mom and my hero. "

It was a long and tedious process trying to find a donor after Olga was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2015.

Her son even posted to social media asking folks to see if they were a match. Continue reading