Organ Transplant Recipient Talks About the “Gift of Life”

OCEAN CITY DAILY NEWS | Donald Wittkowski

Organ recipient Joe Pratt is joined by his daughter, Joselle Pratt, at the Macedonia United Methodist Church in Ocean City.
Every year, on Sept. 15, Joe Pratt sends a “thank you” card to a family he has never met.

That date is the anniversary of Pratt’s life-saving surgery in 2013. He received two transplanted lungs from an organ donor who was killed in a car crash and was just 23 years old.

“This is all the information we have on my donor,” Pratt said of the man’s age and how he died. “I wish I knew more.”

Pratt, 74, of Upper Township, sends the cards to his donor’s family members to thank them and let them know he is in good health now. The cards are forwarded to the family by the Gift of Life Donor Program, but Pratt has not yet received a reply.

“Hopefully, one day I’ll have an opportunity to meet my donor family,” he said. Continue reading