Running the London Marathon to help kidney patients like her husband and son

London Marathon runner Cat Tansley pictured with her husband Matt and their children Harry, 9, and Tommy, 5. Picture: ANTONY KELLY
Cat’s husband has already had a kidney transplant, one day her son could need one too. Her response? To run. This month the woman who skipped school PE lessons if they involved running, tackles the London Marathon.

Two years ago Matt Tansley had a life-saving kidney transplant; on the first anniversary of the op his wife Cat vowed to go running for the first time ever; this spring she will run the London Marathon to raise money for a national kidney disease charity.

And the money she raised could one day help nine-year-old Harry, who has the same illness as his father and grandmother.

Matt discovered he had polycystic liver and kidney disease in his early 20s. Three years ago he was put on the transplant waiting list. Continue reading
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