Salina heart transplant recipient meets donor's family


Salinan Marty Rundall-Manion and her husband, Jack Manion, waited one year and five months for this moment.

Emotions were running high as the two headed east on Interstate Highway 70, neither knowing what awaited them, just that that their dream was about to become a reality.

It was early afternoon on Feb. 2, and the two were on their way to Kansas City, Kan., to meet the parents of Rundall-Manion’s heart donor.

That meeting, now deeply embedded into both of their memories, brought everything that Rundall-Manion has been through the past 16 years full circle.

“It was very emotional and uplifting. I hope it helped them as much as it did us,” Rundall-Manion said. “I’ll never forget that day and I hope it was the beginning of a relationship that will last for many years to come.”

How they got there

Prior to March 2001, Rundall-Manion, 61, would have described herself as “perfectly healthy.” But since that time, she has experienced one health issue after another. Continue reading