Texas Lawmaker Proposes Controversial Organ Donor Policy

NBC 5 DALLAS | Evan Anderson

A Texas lawmaker says he has a plan to help approximately 10,000 people on the state's organ transplant waiting list, but not everyone is on board.

Rep. Jason Villalba said his proposal will save the lives of at least some of the people who die in Texas every day because there are not enough organ donations.

The organ donor registry is currently opt-in, meaning people have to check a box when you signing up for a driver's license to become a donor.

Villalba's proposal would make the registry opt-out. He wants to change the form to indicate that people will be included in the registry with consent unless they check the box to not become a donor.

"We're giving you a disclosure that you're going to be included in this registry, and you have to check a box to get out. It's not automatic," he said. "You have a choice and then there is a disclaimer that says you will be included if you do nothing." Continue reading