The Path to a Kidney Transplant: Following Georges' Lead

Georges Annan Kingsley with son, Joseph, and wife, Marthe (R), and Bernie Michel (L)
For people on the list to receive a kidney transplant the path is long and arduous, marked with anxiety and frustration. As one would expect for anyone with a serious chronic illness personal and family stress is high, often debilitating.

In January I wrote about Georges Annan Kingsley's desperate need for a kidney transplant, and his leadership in promoting the need for more people to become Living Donor Champions. My blog today features Bernie Michel's story as he follows Georges' lead to learn more about living donor programs, and the possibility of becoming a kidney donor. Like Georges, Bernie is an Asylum Hill resident. He is a long time community leader active in the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association(AHNA). Let's follow this stonecatcher's journey. I will feature Bernie's updates in future blogposts as he walks us along the living organ donor path.

George Needs A Kidney
by Bernie Michel

For those of you who are regulars at AHNA meetings, or the Welcoming Committee or who read the blog, it is no secret that Georges Annan Kingsley, the refugee and artist from Ivory Coast who has been on dialysis for more than five years, needs a kidney transplant. He began last month explaining the process to me, and so my commitment, at least at first was to understand the process, what is really involved. I’m going to share here, as long as necessary, what I learned. Continue reading

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