When KPD officer needs kidney, locals, girlfriend respond


Misty Cass (left) has no doubts about donating a kidney to save the life of her boyfriend, Kerrville Police Department Investigator Darin Trahan (right). Both of Trahan’s kidneys are failing due to Polycystic Kidney Disease.
The remarkable chain of events and community support have been overwhelming to a local police officer, who will be receiving a new kidney and a new chance at life and in the process save the lives of many others.

Kerrville Police Department Investigator Darin Trahan thought he had some sort of infection when he made a doctor’s appointment in 2005.

He expected to receive the usual prescription for antibiotics and then he would go on with his life. Instead, Trahan discovered his illness could someday take his life.

“I thought I had a kidney infection or something,” Trahan said. “But they came back and said I had Polycystic Kidney Disease.”

Trahan said he was told there was no cure for the disease and that he would eventually need a kidney transplant, as the disease is affecting both of his kidneys.

“They said to go on with my life and try to eat healthy and be active,” Trahan said. “They said, eventually my kidneys would begin to fail and then we would look at getting on a kidney transplant list.”

Trahan said doctors told him that his kidneys would have to be functioning at less than 20 percent capacity before being accepted on the national organ donor list. Continue reading