15 hours of classes, 12 hours of dialysis: One K-State student’s wish for a kidney transplant with her diploma

K STATE COLLEGIAN | Kaitlin Alanis
Hannah Erdman is sitting in a chair drinking coffee in an attempt to counteract the exhaustion she is going to soon feel. For four hours — three times a week — Erdman watches her blood exit her body though an external chest catheter and spin through a machine that does the job her kidney(s) cannot do.

She has her laptop in her lap as she attempts to study and do homework from 15 credit hours of coursework. The Wi-Fi at her dialysis treatment center — where she spends 12 hours a week — has been down for the entirety of this semester.

A 24-year-old senior in psychology, Erdman spends her Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons in dialysis treatments as she waits on the kidney transplant list for now over two years. Thankfully, she said, the internet access was turned back on this past week.

“Dialysis is my three and a half hours of study time,” Erdman said. “Dialysis has helped a lot in terms of just study time because it’s really difficult to study outside of class, and I can’t have a class after dialysis, and those evenings are taken from me and I can’t do any extra activities.”Continue reading
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