5 Great Reasons Why I’m Donating a Kidney

THE HUFFINGTON POST | Taylor Tagg, Contributor
All of my life, I’ve prided myself on being giving of my time and talents to those who need it. From running a charity golf tournament with my father, to volunteering weekly at an orphanage, to providing time and resources for a big children’s cancer research run, I was pretty confident that my level of giving to others was sufficient.

When the opportunity presented itself recently to get tested for a kidney donation for my friend Tim Chhim’s son Tony, I thought, “Well, I’ll do my duty and get tested. Nothing will come of it.”

Boy, was I wrong.

I turned out to be a perfect blood match for Tony, who I had not met at the time.

I thought to myself, “What do I do? Was I really going to say no? Was I really going to give away an organ?”

I wrestled with this emotional tug of war for a few minutes, felt the fear of losing an organ my body was using but could survive without, and then I ultimately said yes.

In agreeing to the donation, I opened a door for The Chhim family that had not been available to them for years. They had searched the world for a donor with no luck. Now Tony could plan for a long, healthy life and gain permanent mobility away from the dialysis center. Continue reading
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