'Angel' donates kidney to husband

COURIER-POST | Kim Milford
Angel Fox hugs her husband, Bert, at their home in Cherry Hill. When the couple learned Bert needed a new kidney after medication damaged his, Angel immediately offered to donate one of hers. Bert, a liver transplant recipient, wears his medals from the Transplant Games.(Photo: Jose Moreno/Staff Photographer)
CHERRY HILL - When doctors discovered her husband needed a new kidney, it didn't take long for Angel Fox to offer hers. After all, Bert Fox Jr. has held her heart for 44 years.

"I just said he needs a kidney, I'm giving it to him, and we're doing it on Valentine's Day," Angel Fox said. "And his surgeon said, 'All right, let's do it.' "

The Virtua nurse didn't get the surgery date she wanted, but blood tests showed she was, indeed, a good match for her husband, a retired machinist. Their 39-year-old son, Bert Fox III, immediately offered to donate his kidney, too, but his mom wouldn't hear of it.

Her kidney was moving over to her husband's side, and that was it.

"He's my best friend, he's my world," she said. "He's my life."

The Fox family is on intimate terms with the need for organ donation. In 1995, at age 40, Bert Fox Jr. needed a new liver to replace one destroyed by hepatitis he had contracted as a teenager. Back then, the Foxes wore beepers to let them know when a matching organ had been found. Continue reading
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