Bay City man donates his kidney to save family member's life

Tim Mahoney, left, and Rebekah Contreras, right, pose for a photo at the Saginaw Children's Museum, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017. Mahoney gave Contreras one of his kidneys due to Contreras' complications from Turner Syndrome.(Courtesy - Tim Mahoney)
BAY CITY, MI -- Two family members grew a little closer to each other recently when a man donated one of his organs to save the life of his wife's cousin.

Bay City resident Tim Mahoney donated his kidney to Rebekah Contreras, a 25-year-old Bridgeport resident, on April 12 at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

Contreras was born with Turner Syndrome, which results in a female being born with only one X chromosome.

About one-third of women diagnosed with Turner Syndrome have a malformation of their kidneys, according to the Mayo Clinic. Most kidney abnormalities don't result in pressing medical issues, but that wasn't the case for Contreras.

She found out late last year that she was going to need a new kidney due to complications caused from her disease. Her kidneys before the surgery were functioning at five percent, she said.

Luckily for Contreras, Mahoney was eligible to donate one of his kidneys to her and he was more than willing to accommodate. Continue reading
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