Brisbane baby Leo Nairn has new chance at life following liver transplant

Leo Nairnafter his life-saving transplant. Picture: Jamie Hanson
JUST look at him now — Brisbane baby Leo Nairn has had his liver transplant and is bubbling with life.

“Leo was so close to death I had already in my mind said goodbye to him. It is a miracle to see him laugh and smile,” mum Kimberly said.

The Sunday Mail has followed the Nairn family’s frantic race to save their son for weeks and reported that Kimberly and her husband Matthew were desperately pushing for doctors to accept parts of their livers to save Leo as his health rapidly declined.

The parents were told the process was too risky and would be a last resort.

“I was prepared to take the risk. I would have died for Leo, but a miracle ­happened and a compatible cadaveric liver became available just in time,” Mrs Nairn said.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Sunday Mail for walking so closely with my family on every step of this agonising journey and helping to make this happen.” Continue reading
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