Butterfly release honors organ donors

KALB | Grace Carson

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Rapides Regional Medical Center hosted a butterflyrelease on Monday to honor organ donors.

News Channel Five reported the story of Christian Belgard last month when he was fatally struck by a car while helping accident victims. At Monday’s event, we spoke to the family again.

"Yesterday was his birthday,” said Candy Belgard, Christian’s mother. "He would have been 21. So, today is kind of like his birthday celebration."

"He liked to toughen me up,” said little sister Cierrah Belgard. “Make sure I was ready for anything."

Yet, no one was ready to say goodbye, and the family said the past month and a half has been a challenge. The fact that Christian saved two lives as an organ donor, has made his family proud.

"A woman in her 40's got one kidney and his pancreas,” said Candy. “A 50-year-old man got the other kidney and his liver." Continue reading
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