Clay Adler Saved ‘Four Or Five Lives’ After Suicide: He Would Be ‘Thrilled,’ Dad Says

The news of Clay Adler’s suicide was incredibly heartbreaking, but ‘good things’ can come out of this tragedy, according to his family. Even though he lost a son, Clay’s father says that the young MTV star is saving lives and helping people – even after death!

“Clay [Adler, 27] had requested that his organs — and he did this years ago when he applied for a driver’s license — that his organs be donated to people,” his father, Frank, told PEOPLE magazine. With Clay making this decision, his father says the Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County alum has “done some amazing things. He’s saved about four or five lives already and there should be more. “

The young MTV star passed away on March 26 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Before Clay died, his father got one last chance to see him in the hospital and say good-bye. “We saw him every minute of every day while he was there,” he said. “They kept him alive a little bit longer so that he could do the donations we’re talking about. The hospital did say that he’s donated more than they’ve ever seen because his internals were in phenomenal shape,” said Frank. Continue reading
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