CRMC to raise awareness of organ donation

THE SENTINEL | Naomi Creason

A decade ago this May, Resa White received a diagnosis she hadn't expected.

After some vague symptoms of fatigue and a number of tests, she was told she was in end stage renal failure.

"It's kind of like a silent killer," she said. "It happens over such a long period of time."

White was placed on the kidney transplant list, but her family members underwent testing to see if they were a match. While her sister and husband weren't matches, White's then-30-year-old niece was cleared to be her donor after more than a year of testing.

The wait for the tests to clear, however, is only a fraction of how long White could have waited on the kidney transplant list.

"I can't even imagine what people have to go through to get a match," she said, adding that 10 years ago, those on the transplant list carried pagers that would let them know when a match was available. A person on the transplant list could be called out at 2 in the morning and travel to a hospital, only to be told one of the two other people also called to the hospital received the kidney. Continue reading
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