Denny DeVoe was a hero. You can be, too

Harrisburg Bureau of Fire Lt. Dennis DeVoe, of Stewartstown, died March 11 after his vehicle was struck by another the night before in Harrisburg. DeVoe was responding to a fire at the time.(Photo: Harrisburg Bureau of Fire)
Pennsylvania is grieving the loss of a brave and selfless man. Lieutenant Dennis DeVoe was a firefighter for 21 years. A husband and father of four, he was heading to a deadly fire in Harrisburg when he was struck by a vehicle and killed. He died in the line of duty.

During Donate Life Month in April, we reflect on Lt. DeVoe’s life and service. Even after death, his heroism and selflessness continued. With his family’s generous support of his decision to register as a donor, five life-saving organs, tissue and cornea were donated for transplantation. This dedication to others defined who Lt. Devoe was.

Lt. DeVoe’s gift had an immediate impact because the need for organs is great. Nearly 8,000 people in Pennsylvania currently are waiting for a life-saving transplant, including many in York County. Every time the phone rings, they wonder if this is the call that will save their life. These people are our parents, our children, our siblings, our husbands, wives and friends. But for too many of them, the phone call never comes. About every 18 hours, someone in Pennsylvania dies waiting for an organ.

When most of us think about heroes and courage, we think of someone like Lt. DeVoe: someone who risks their life to protect others from harm. At Lt. DeVoe’s memorial service, his fire chief recalled how in February the Lieutenant "ran through a wall of fire" to save a trapped man. As children, many of us dream of growing up and saving lives as a firefighter, police officer or soldier. Few of us do. Yet there are other ways to help people and even save lives. Organ donation is one. Continue reading
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