Devoted dad travels to Vienna to donate his kidney to his son: 'A part of me is with him'

INDEPENDENT, ie | Kathy Armstrong

A devoted Irish dad travelled to Vienna to donate a kidney to his seriously ill son.

Fintan Bright said he had no qualms about giving the precious gift to his son Graham, who had been suffering from kidney failure.

Graham (41) had just moved home to Ireland after over a decade living in Vienna, Austria but within four days of starting a new career with Facebook he became seriously ill and was brought to St Vincent's Hospital.

Graham, who is originally from Wexford town, was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure, he then struggled with home dialysis and some infections.

He fared better on hospital dialysis and after being treated in Ireland for six months he decided to return to Vienna.

Concerned Fintan visited him at least six times that year but when he saw his son's health deteriorating he decided to look into donating one of his kidneys.

Fintan said: "While I went to see my son at a dialysis centre in Vienna one Friday in October 2015, I asked to see someone about could I make an appointment to discuss living kidney donation. Continue reading
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