Dying mother receives liver from donor after daughter, 17, is told she is too young to help

Tang Kwai-sze (left) Michelle (right). Photo: Apple Daily.
A patient in intensive care is receiving a liver donation from an unrelated Hongkonger, after the patient’s own daughter was unable to donate hers because she was underage.

Tang Kwai-sze, 43, has been suffering from acute liver failure and remains at the Queen Mary Hospital.

Her daughter Michelle is 17 years and nine months old – three months short of her 18th birthday when she could have voluntarily donated her own liver, in accordance with the Human Organ Transplant Ordinance.

Tang’s situation had worsened and she was unable to communicate.

Michelle, who was speaking on a Commercial Radio programme on Thursday morning, said that she hoped the public would be more aware of organ donation: “Not only could my own family benefit from it, but thousands of families could be helped so that they have an opportunity to live again.”

Physical and psychological checks

Alex Lam Chi-yau, chairman of the Hong Kong Patients’ Voices helping the family, said on the programme he had written to the Hospital Authority urging them to consider allowing Michelle’s donation. She had been undergoing physical and psychological checks to ensure she was a suitable donor. Continue reading
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