Falls Church resident donates kidney to total stranger

FAIRFAX TIMES | Angela Woolley
When Jerry Boucher first revealed his plans to donate a kidney to a total stranger, his decision was met with skepticism.

At 55 years old, Boucher was still healthy and active. He had never undergone surgery before or even gotten stitches.

So why, his family and friends wondered, would he want to put himself through something as arduous and risky as getting a kidney removed for someone he did not even know?

“The interesting part for me is most of my family and friends after the fact act like they supported me all along,” Boucher, now a month removed from surgery, mused. “They’re all very proud of me and very happy…that I did what they consider to be an unselfish act.”

The Falls Church resident says that he does not blame anyone for their initial reaction, though, acknowledging that his family and friends were simply looking out for him.

They also did not receive the same amount of information that he was able to get from extensive discussions and consultations with medical professionals at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, where he ultimately underwent the procedure.

“All I could say was I had received assurances from the surgeons and medical staff…about how simple it would be for me and how unchanged my life would be, and I believed them,” Boucher said. Continue reading
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