Father, Daughter Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Their Kidney Transplant

The number 50 is a big milestone for most people.

There’s 50th birthday, 50th anniversary, and so on.

When you reach that momentous number, whatever the circumstance, you have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

For Denice Lombard and her father, Ted, celebrating 50 years of a successful kidney transplant is a landmark they never thought they would see.

In August, the Lombards, now the oldest living kidney donor-recipient pair, will celebrate 50 years of healthy living.

In 1967, when the two underwent the transplant surgery in California, they weren’t sure they’d be promised much more than a handful of years.

“Back in the day that she got the kidney transplant, only half of the kidneys survived for more than one year, so it was considered very risky at the time,” Dr. H. Albin Gritsch, surgical director of the kidney transplant program at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center, told Healthline. Continue reading 
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