Friends have stronger bond after living organ donation

GOOD 4 UTAH | Glen Mills

Glenn Buma and Paul Neff share their story

Organ donation has an impact on so many people across the state of Utah. And while many people think of organ donation as something that only occurs when someone passes away, there are certain organs that can be donated from a living donor - like a kidney or liver.

Glenn Buma and Paul Neff are long-time friends who now have an even stronger bond because of organ donation. When Paul was in need of a kidney, his friend Glenn stepped up to the plate and was willing to give him one of his. But how does living kidney donation impact both the donor and recipient?
"It's been over 18 months now and it's pretty hard to express the appreciation that comes from receiving a gift that will provide me with many years of good health," said Paul Neff.

"Every day I know I have won the lottery, which makes each day a little more special."

But the living donor is also impacted by this opportunity to give the gift of life. Glenn shared his thoughts on the decision he made to donate a kidney to his friend: Continue reading
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