Galion grad needs 5 organ transplants

Nathan Pensioner ( Photo submitted)
BUCYRUS - Holding a photo of his smiling grandson, Bucyrus resident Carl Pensinger said he was powerless to save the younger man's life.

"He needs five organs transplanted," Carl said of his grandson, 31-year-old Nathan Pensinger.

Nathan, a 2004 graduate of Galion High School, was diagnosed with portal hypertension just 12 months after his birth. It's a rare condition, and Nathan is the first in the family to experience it.

"He's had surgeries at least six times between then and now," Carl said of his grandson. "They took him to Chicago one time, and probably five or six doctors worked on him for about 10 hours, bypassing this and bypassing that."

Nathan's father, Scott, is a senior master sergeant in the 179th Airlift Wing at Mansfield Lahm Air National Guard Base. Nathan lived with him in Galion for several years before heading off to medical school in Wilmington, North Carolina. Nathan earned a degree in radiology, and took a job at a golf course in Wilmington while awaiting job placement in a nearby hospital.

His own condition, though, has kept him from helping others.

"He recently started having some bleeding episodes," Scott said. Continue reading
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