Gift of life: Woman meets organ donor’s family

BOGALUSA DAILY NEWS  | Marcelle Hanemann
Early in 2015, Twyla Jefferson-Taylor of Bogalusa was in bad shape. She had complications from diabetes that were affecting her kidneys and other organs. She was anemic, and she felt really bad.

“I was on a lot of medicines to try to prolong my kidney functions,” Jefferson-Taylor said. “I was always swollen, especially my face, hands, legs, and ankles. I was tired, not making much urine, my body was starting to fill with toxins, and I was losing functions daily.”

She needed a kidney and pancreas transplant. But although she wanted to live for her husband, Robbie, and their 9-year-old son, Zay’Lin, she didn’t wish anyone else any harm. Then, in mid-February of 2015, 21-year-old Tyler Louviere suffered a fatal car crash, and Jefferson-Taylor got word that she was up next on the transplant list.

“I felt blessed,” she said, more than two years later. “I knew I was being blessed by my God! I was so excited because I knew this would give me another chance to live, and be a mother and wife, and to continue to enjoy my family and friends. I knew God was not through with me just yet.” Continue reading
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