Governor LePage Vetoes Bill To Protect Living Organ Donors

MAINE PUBLIC RADIO | Associated Press
A bag collects blood and deoxygenated suspension fluid in Dr. Thomas Egan's lab at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C., on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013.
AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Maine’s Republican governor is opposing a law to prohibit certain insurers from considering a person’s status as a living organ donor.

Gov. Paul LePage voted the bill Tuesday and said it would make Maine one of the only states in the nation to prohibit life, long-term care and disability insurers from such a consideration. The bill wouldn’t apply to health insurance, which already has such protections.

The House on Thursday voted 146-0 to override LePage’s veto. The bill goes to the Senate.

Groups and insurers like the American Council of Life Insurances and Anthem, Inc. reported lobbying on the bill.

LePage said the decision to donate a kidney or other organ is commendable but carries significant health risks.

The governor also said the bill would skew insurer’s risk estimates. Continue reading
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