Heart to Heart: Donors offer life after their death

(Submitted photo) Rhonda White and her son Treysan celebrate life after a heart transplant was required to save Trey’s life.
MARTINSBURG — A young man sits at the Department of Motor Vehicles applying for his learner’s permit. It’s a step that all teenagers go through. It’s an exciting time of life filled with new horizons and a bright future. It’s that time of taking first steps between child and adult.

Treysan White was puzzled by a question that was on a form that day at the DMV.

“He ask me about the question on there about becoming an organ donor, and I explained to him about what that meant, and so he put yes to become an organ donor,” said Rhonda White, Trey’s mother. “We did not know that a month later he would know more than anybody how important that box that he checked was.”

While most parents are worried about how safe their child will be as a new driver, the Whites had a much bigger problem. Continue reading
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