Heart transplant recipient grateful for gift of time

KTVB | Doug Petcash
Rick Brittell was given the gift of life, and time, thanks to a heart transplant. (Photo: KTVB)
BOISE - April is National Donate Life Month. KTVB is partnering with "Yes Idaho" to raise awareness about organ, eye and tissue donation. Throughout the month we have been telling stories about people affected by organ donation.

Rick Brittell, 62, is one of them. He started having heart problems in his late 20s. In 1998, he received an aortic valve replacement. The replacement valve produced a loud click like a ticking clock.

"I got used to it," Brittell said. "When I heard that I knew, ok, everything's going good."

But then in 2014 he got a Left Ventricle Assist Device (LVAD), which is basically an artificial heart.

"I had no pulse and no blood pressure," Brittell explained.

He also had no heartbeat, which meant no clicks. Continue reading

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