Hillview man recovering after double-lung transplant

THE PACKET | Danette Dooley
Lennie Critch giving a "thumbs up" right before his double lung transplant surgery.
The 48-year-old was diagnosed with a genetic lung disease called pulmonary artery hypertension (PAH) in 2010. The only cure - a double-lung transplant.

Critch is from Hillview, Trinity Bay. He and his partner Denise Avery and their daughter Kennedi were living in Shoal Harbour before uprooting to Toronto in November 2016, to await Critch’s transplant.

“The first time we got the call (that lungs were available) they called back a few minutes later saying the lungs weren’t good,” Avery said during a recent phone interview.
The second call came just days before Christmas.

“We went to the hospital. We spent 12 hours there. Lennie was prepped (for surgery) and ready to go in, but they came down and said those lungs weren’t good.”

Although the transplant didn’t work out at that time, Avery said, both she and her partner were calm during Critch’s short hospital stay. Continue reading

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