Honoring a life lost too soon

Students at Nevada Union High School will be offered the chance to register as organ donors this spring when a donor drive will be held there in honor of former student Mitch Adams. The date will be announced soon.

Adams was 16, and a popular student there, when he was killed in an auto accident in August 2015. His parents made the decision to donate his vital organs and tissues. By doing so, Mitch gave life to others and helped as many as 50 other families.

Mitch's mother, Monica, said she couldn't remember their son's wishes about being a donor, but her husband Tom had talked with Mitch and knew that was what Mitch wanted. They take comfort now in knowing that Mitch's wish has helped so many others.

"Losing your child is awful," she said. "Even now there are times when just taking my next breath is difficult. To know that some other mother doesn't have to go through this is helpful."

The donor registration event is being hosted in Mitch's honor by Sierra Donor Services, a nonprofit network that supports donor families and coordinates the recovery of organs and tissues for transplant. The organization covers Sacramento and 10 surrounding counties. Continue reading
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