'I was determined to save him': Woman donates liver, saves husband's life

TODAY | A. Pawlowski
Jen and Matt Ragaini celebrate their wedding anniversary in September and their “Liverversary” in February.

It’s been two years since Jen saved her husband’s life by donating part of her liver when his own began to fail. Matt — who was hesitant to proceed at first — is now thriving and thankful.

“It’s pretty amazing, it’s kind of humbling, it’s just a great thing,” Matt Ragaini, 36, of Bristol, Connecticut, told TODAY.

“I feel that God put us together for this reason and now we’re one,” Jen Ragaini, 40, said. “I feel closer than ever to him.”

The couple’s medical journey started 12 years ago when Matt began feeling ill and was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a condition that leads to scarring of the bile ducts. Liver failure often follows, and doctors told Matt he would need a liver transplant within a decade.

He was added to an organ transplant waiting list in 2010, and she began a Facebook page to get the word out, but when no good options materialized, the couple’s anxiety grew. Continue reading
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