'It's a big ask': Hundreds of kidney donors needed in B.C.

Glenn Miller, who has polycystic kidney disease and has been looking for a living donor, with his girlfriend Cindy Seitz. GERRY KAHRMANN / PNG
Glenn Miller needs a new kidney. But so do 513 other British Columbians.

The single dad from Pitt Meadows was born with polycystic kidney disease, the same genetic condition that required his mother to undergo a kidney transplant 25 years ago.

Miller, 51, works in sales and is raising 10-year-old twin boys while in end-stage renal failure.

The next step is dialysis and the years-long wait list for a deceased donor’s kidney — unless, doctors say, he can find a living donor.

“Once this started, I’m told I had to find somebody,” said Miller. “It’s a big ask to ask a friend, to say, ‘Hey, what do you think about giving me a kidney?’”

He has asked a few close friends and family members, but without success.

His girlfriend of five years, Cindy Seitz, volunteered to give him one of her kidneys but she was disqualified as a donor because a CT scan found cancer in her liver.

A couple of years ago, Miller put out a plea on Facebook. No one responded. Embarrassed, he deleted it a few days later.

Now he’s trying again, bolstering the ask with a shareable photo of himself and some basic information: age, blood type, a link to his website and the query: “Got kidney?” Continue reading
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