Kentucky mom celebrates 30 years of life thanks to organ donation



News release

Kathy Anderson’s heart was severely damaged by medicine she was prescribed while pregnant with twin girls. The damage wasn’t evident until after her daughters were born. Within a couple weeks, she was given only a slim chance of survival. Her doctors knew her only option was a heart transplant. This was in March of 1987.

National Donate Life Month is celebrated each April to bring much needed attention to healing lives through organ, tissue, cornea and living donation. Through the entire year, Kentucky’s Circuit Clerks are dedicated to providing education and registering Kentuckians as organ donors while obtaining a license or ID. April, especially this year to Kathy’s family, holds particular significance.

“I am so blessed to have been able to see my twin daughters grow up,” says Kathy today. In April of 1987, Kathy received her gift of life and in addition to raising her daughters enjoys 5 grandchildren. “For the most part I am as healthy, or moreso, as most 50-year-olds. I hit the ground running and stay busy,”. She works in accounting in Meade County and is celebrating life 30 years since her heart transplant. Continue reading 
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