Kyle: Remembrance, celebration and hope for the future


Students at Cockburn had special assemblies on Thursday 9 March to commemorate the death of student Kyle Asquith, who passed away following a fatal brain haemorrhage 4 years ago.

Kyle Asquith’s parents and grandparents with NHS staff at Cockburn School
A year after the 15-year-old’s tragic death, students and teachers at Cockburn launched a series of special fund-raising events in his memory, with the aim of raising £5,000 for The Kyle Asquith Foundation, a charity that would support the NHS Blood and Transplant Trust Fund and other local charities. The charity has since gone on to raise over £20,000.

The school welcomed Kyle’s mother and father, Tracy and Alex Asquith as well as his grandparents, all of whom are regular visitors to the school. Tracy said that “Being part of this day at Cockburn is a big help to us on such a difficult day.”

Also there was Raymond Tait, 39, a resident of Dundee and transplant recipient, who received Kyle’s kidney and pancreas in March 2013 after four years of intensive dialysis treatment. This was his second visit to the school to support the charity and raise awareness of organ donation. Raymond had written a poem which he shared with the students at Cockburn. Raymond was one of five people given hope by Kyle’s parents and their act of kindness. Continue reading
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