Living happily after second transplant

Darren Cawley with wife Aoife and son Iarlaith.
IN the third part of our special features to marking Organ Donor Awareness Week we meet Darren Cawley from Westport.

Darren, who is currently the president of Westport Lions Club, is the recipient of two kidney transplants. Here he reflects on his journey with kidney failure, and his outlook on life after his successful kidney transplant. This is his story:

A little over six years ago I received my second kidney transplant from a deceased organ donor.

It was an important and life changing time for me. Not just because I'd lost a kidney transplant in the past. Not because I had spent nine years going into Castlebar Hospital on dialysis.

It was because exactly one month earlier I had proposed to my now wife, Aoife.

Life with kidney failure is incredibly difficult at times, but it's still life, and it needs to be lived - a realisation that took me many years to learn.

I was 20 years old when an optician sent me to the hospital. He didn't say why and it came as an enormous shock that within a week of going into hospital I was diagnosed with renal failure, starting kidney dialysis a few days later. Continue reading
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