Man saves 10 in life, death

THE NEWS START | Ashley Mott
Gary and Susan Revall hold a Donor Medal of Honor presented to them in Zachary Revall's memory.(Photo: Ashley Mott The News-Star)
Knowing her son directly saved the lives of 10 people better helps Susan Revall deal with her loss.

When Zachary Revall died suddenly in February 2016 at the age of 25, his organs saved four people and his eyes gave two sight. He had been an organ donor since he could drive.

"In life he saved five people in a fire," Susan said. "When he died, we were comfortable with his decision (to be an organ donor) because that is what we really wanted our sons to do, and he was comfortable with it. He donated four people organs and his eyes were donated so two people could see. Six people lives were changed, and that is how we look at.

"He was only 25, and in that short time, his legacy is what he did for others. His faith was very, very strong. It never failed on him. He tried to do good for people." 

Susan said when Zach was 18 he was on his way home from dropping friends off on New Year's Eve when he saw what he thought were blinking lights. The lights were a fire.

"The house caught on fire because fireworks went up into the eaves," Susan said. "He went in the house and got all five people out. In 2009, he saved five people from a fire and he was the only who got burn because he kept going in and out." Continue reading

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