Mom urges organ donation after daughter saved by transplant


'Luckily we got one. It was pretty much in the nick of time for us,' says Cynthia Jessop

Piper Coffin's life was saved by a liver transplant in July 2014. (YouTube)
A Winnipeg mom is urging people to register as organ donors this week during National Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Week.

Cynthia Jessop's daughter Piper Coffin is alive thanks to an organ donation she got in 2014.

Piper had a genetic condition called Alagille syndrome, which affected how her organs developed.

In July 2014, her health deteriorated rapidly.

"She ended up getting a cold. We're not sure exactly what it was, and then her kidney and her liver started to fail," said Jessop. "The next thing you know, we were on an airplane out to Sick Kids [in Toronto]."

Piper was put on dialysis but slipped into a coma. Five days later, a liver transplant arrived. Continue reading
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