Musing | Organ donations save lives

MARION STAR | Brenda Donegan

April is Donate Life Awareness Month. Every day of the year, there is some one some place who needs an organ or tissue to continue living. My family has been there, done that.

I have probably told this story before but will blame it on “part-timers” as one of my grandchildren call it — (can’t always remember what you just said five minutes earlier).

In 1981, we received the call no parent wants to hear. Our daughter had been taken by squad to the emergency room after passing out at her desk at work. She had just started a new job in Elkhart, Ind. The call to me from the ER was “how soon can you get here?” She had been taken to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, about a 3-and-a-half hour drive from Prospect. I called my husband at work, had to relay the message through a secretary, and then called a good friend to come be with the other children while we were gone. I grabbed a change of clothes for each of us and away we went and not talking much as we sped along the highway. Continue reading
You have the power to SAVE Lives
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Be sure to share your decision with your family to ensure your generous gift is honored,  At risk is the legacy you wish to leave.